Thursday, 20 December 2012

Here's something I made earlier!

What's up party people?

Just a quick post I thought I'd put up of something I did.. 5 minutes ago.

Sooo, here is my unflattering face!

Aand this is how I did it...
I decided to mess around with some colour combinations, and I got this turquoise and copper look.
I stuck with more shadowy, dramatic shades for my lips and bronzer for contouring.

I used Colour Works Eyeliner for the turquoise, they're big fat eyeliner pencils so it worked perfect for the lid.

Then I used Bourjois Blanc Diaphane from right under the brow to the crease, and blended it with the turquoise just a little bit.

For the copper liner, I used Essence Eye base mixed with Essence pigments in Copper.
I did this along the lower lash line also, then used the turquoise on the waterline.

I did my top waterline with Kajal Kohl eyeliner.

For my lashes, I first used a little NYC Skyline mascara to thicken the base of my lashes, then went over them with Maybelline GlamEyes Volume & Lift mascara. Top and bottom. 

I used NYC Sun 2 Sun bronzer to contour my cheeks and jaw. 

Then applied a little Maybelline Brush Blush in Sweetheart Rose just on the apples of my cheeks and swept it up towards my temples. 

For my lips, I used an eyebrow pencil (Rimmel London profession eyebrow pencil in Hazel) to line my lips shading slightly around the outer corners inwards. I used the brown as it darkens the pink lipstick I used (Maybelline Water Shine lipstick in Rose Jam). I dusted with the gold powder from the NYC bronzer to set it and went over the liner a bit more. 

The pics aren't great, I was only using my bf's iPhone in bad light. But, I just thought I'd share this with my lovely kitties!

Feedback is appreciated!

Ta-ta for now! 

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Update!

Hey Guys & Dolls!

News & Updates!

Apologies for not posting in the last few weeks! I've been swamped with college assignments but, fear not, only one more exam left and I'm finished my first semester! 

I'm super excited about next semester though, we will be doing bar & beverage studies, so we get to make fancy cocktails all day long!

Back to the fashion side of things though, cos I know that's what you're here for! 

I've seen so many awesome outfits lately, it's crazy, and either as soon as I get a cable for my camera or as soon as I get a new phone with a decent camera you'll be getting real life pictures! 

It's a feature that I've only seen on a couple of websites, and I have no idea why more people aren't doing it. Maybe they're afraid to go up and ask people or maybe they think it's rude - I don't know. 

(Personally I'd be flattered to have my picture taken because of my outfit/style).

I will be posting a set of DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for you soon enough, which will include how to make your own Bath Bombs, Body Mist, Toner, Soaps, Lip Balm and Scrubs. As well as how to put them all together in a Gift Pack for that special someone.

I can't wait to get started on it!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you everyone who has viewed my blog and read my posts, I've hit 360 views already and it's only been three months! It's probably not a lot to the people who blog regularly and have been going at it a long time, but as a first timer, every view or comment means a lot to me!  

Please comment on any post whether it's about the post's content or even constructive criticism on how I can improve things. Remember - we all start small, but it's with the help of others that we grow.

Ta-ta for now & I hope you come back soon!