Thursday, 20 December 2012

Here's something I made earlier!

What's up party people?

Just a quick post I thought I'd put up of something I did.. 5 minutes ago.

Sooo, here is my unflattering face!

Aand this is how I did it...
I decided to mess around with some colour combinations, and I got this turquoise and copper look.
I stuck with more shadowy, dramatic shades for my lips and bronzer for contouring.

I used Colour Works Eyeliner for the turquoise, they're big fat eyeliner pencils so it worked perfect for the lid.

Then I used Bourjois Blanc Diaphane from right under the brow to the crease, and blended it with the turquoise just a little bit.

For the copper liner, I used Essence Eye base mixed with Essence pigments in Copper.
I did this along the lower lash line also, then used the turquoise on the waterline.

I did my top waterline with Kajal Kohl eyeliner.

For my lashes, I first used a little NYC Skyline mascara to thicken the base of my lashes, then went over them with Maybelline GlamEyes Volume & Lift mascara. Top and bottom. 

I used NYC Sun 2 Sun bronzer to contour my cheeks and jaw. 

Then applied a little Maybelline Brush Blush in Sweetheart Rose just on the apples of my cheeks and swept it up towards my temples. 

For my lips, I used an eyebrow pencil (Rimmel London profession eyebrow pencil in Hazel) to line my lips shading slightly around the outer corners inwards. I used the brown as it darkens the pink lipstick I used (Maybelline Water Shine lipstick in Rose Jam). I dusted with the gold powder from the NYC bronzer to set it and went over the liner a bit more. 

The pics aren't great, I was only using my bf's iPhone in bad light. But, I just thought I'd share this with my lovely kitties!

Feedback is appreciated!

Ta-ta for now! 

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Update!

Hey Guys & Dolls!

News & Updates!

Apologies for not posting in the last few weeks! I've been swamped with college assignments but, fear not, only one more exam left and I'm finished my first semester! 

I'm super excited about next semester though, we will be doing bar & beverage studies, so we get to make fancy cocktails all day long!

Back to the fashion side of things though, cos I know that's what you're here for! 

I've seen so many awesome outfits lately, it's crazy, and either as soon as I get a cable for my camera or as soon as I get a new phone with a decent camera you'll be getting real life pictures! 

It's a feature that I've only seen on a couple of websites, and I have no idea why more people aren't doing it. Maybe they're afraid to go up and ask people or maybe they think it's rude - I don't know. 

(Personally I'd be flattered to have my picture taken because of my outfit/style).

I will be posting a set of DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for you soon enough, which will include how to make your own Bath Bombs, Body Mist, Toner, Soaps, Lip Balm and Scrubs. As well as how to put them all together in a Gift Pack for that special someone.

I can't wait to get started on it!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you everyone who has viewed my blog and read my posts, I've hit 360 views already and it's only been three months! It's probably not a lot to the people who blog regularly and have been going at it a long time, but as a first timer, every view or comment means a lot to me!  

Please comment on any post whether it's about the post's content or even constructive criticism on how I can improve things. Remember - we all start small, but it's with the help of others that we grow.

Ta-ta for now & I hope you come back soon!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Quattro & Eyebase Review

Hey kittens! 

As promised, here's my review on the 'Cherry Blossom Girl Quattro' by Essence as well as their Colour Arts Eye-base that I bought the other day while browsing the essence make-up counter. 

I think starting off with the eye primer is appropriate, so let's begin!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

New Clothes!

Hey everybody! 

Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip in my city and bought some new clothes plus some new make-up (more on that in another post - I know, I'm a tease)! 

I don't buy new clothes that often, but I loove clothes shopping. I didn't get anything too fancy, just some things to update my wardrobe. 

So, lets look at the clothes.. 

Navy Leggings (Primark)
These were my first buy as I only have one pair of leggings which I bought in New Yorker, in Lithuania during August, and they're a bit summer-y in my opinion. 

I've seen so many people in uni wearing these, it's crazy, and I definitely have my eye on some more. They make for a very simple look, but it can be veery flattering. 

Grey Cable Knit Socks (Primark)

Since the weather here is getting progressively worse and colder, I decided buying a set of new socks would be appropriate.
I got a set of 3 pairs, in grey, heather and a charcoal colour.

Seeing as leggings aren't the warmest of clothing, I wore two pairs of the knitted socks, layering the heather ones over the grey ones - the grey ones pulled up and the heather ones gathered just above my ankle. 

Aaand my final purchase was a new pair of shoes. 
White Sneakers (Primark)
I went for a pair of very simple pair of white sneakers. 

I found they suited nearly every kind of look, with jeans, leggings, or if you wanted to look kinda 'office chic with a twist', they even suit the dress shorts + patterned tights look, if you pair it with a loose, white/patterned blouse and a long, layered necklace.

Beige Jumper (River Island)
I wore these all together for the rest of the yesterday after buying them, and tried out a couple of different top combinations. 

But my favourite was definitely leggings, knit socks, sneakers and this soft beige jumper from River Island.

Come back very soon for my review on Essence Colour Arts Eye Base, Essence Blossom Girl Quattro and Essence Stay All Day 16hr Foundation.

Ta-ta for now!

Friday, 16 November 2012

L'Oréal BB Cream Review

So, the other day I was just browsing the drugstore to see what was new and if there was anything interesting on the shelves, when I came across this:

L'Oréal's BB Cream. 
It's not very thick, more of a liquid than a cream and is very light. Texture wise, it has these small granules that are "Smart Pigment Capsules". These adapt to you're skin tone and match it almost exactly.

It starts out white, with the little granules visible, but as you rub it into your skin it changes to match your skin tone, and the granules disintegrate. 

I found it adapted to my skin tone very well. I chose the 'Medium' tone, as I prefer a foundation that is slightly darker than my natural skin tone in the winter months, so as not to look too washed out after my tan has faded (I normally use just a lightly tinted moisturiser in the summer to keep my skin hydrated).

I found it a little oily at first, not so much as to be uncomfortable, or make you look shiny, but by the time I had gotten even coverage it was gone. I would suggest using a translucent powder on top just to set it as I found it needed an extra minute or two to completely set/soak into your skin and not accidentally come off on clothes or rub off even on your fingers. The powder I use, that has served me well over the past year or two, is definitely NYC's Pressed Translucent Powder. It's not expensive at all but still excellent quality.

I found it applied better with my fingers than with my foundation brush. I'm not sure if this is maybe because of it's low viscosity. I'm not the biggest fan of applying foundation with my hands, so I would recommend  using a dense sponge applicator. 

It held up well during the day, lasting through my cycle to college - I sometimes have to re-apply my powder if not touch up with foundation in the 'T-Zone' especially, when I get to the college. It was also practically weightless which is relieving. 

Overall it was a good investment. I wouldn't use it everyday as it would run our fairly quick, (the tubes aren't so big). But it's definitely worth buying if you don't wear foundation everyday, or if you like a really light, textured foundation. 

It's available in most drugstores/department stores/larger supermarkets, (e.g., debenhams, boots, tesco or if you're in the US, to my knowledge, walmart stock it also). 

Or if you prefer looking online you can find it at, or!

That's al for now! Thanks for reading, and come back soon for my EcoTools Make-Up Brushes review.

Ta-ta for now!

Just an update!

Hey there! It's been so long, and I'm very sorry :(

News & Updates!

The first semester of college is coming to an end and we have lots of assignments and presentations to be doing. Luckily most of my subjects are continuous assessment so that means I have only one final exam in December as the rest have been marked by my assignments etc. Fortunately we only have two more to do, so then I'm free as a bird (or kitty, depending on whether the bird is faster than the kitten!)

New Purchases!
I have recently bought a new foundation, it's fairly a fairly new one that came out here over the summer. It's called 'BB Cream' by L'Oréal, and how it works is magic
My other investment was some new eye make-up brushes. I use a set of EcoTools Brushes, which are made from recycled aluminium and bamboo. They are extremely soft and worth checking out if you're shopping around for a new set. You can buy them individually too, of course, and they only thing I will diss them on is that they don't include a foundation brush in they're 5 brush set so you have to buy that separately, but that's no biggy if you prefer using a sponge applicator or your fingers. 

I will be doing a review on both new items sooon - as in expect it within hours! 

Along with the review I will also be doing another post on nail varnishes and that sort of thing.

That's all for now I should think! 

Ta-ta for now kitties!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

And now for something a little different..

Time now to stray away from Hallowe'en and go back to reality - some charming little pieces from the internet! 

I give you the "double liner".
I've seen so many people sporting this look in the last couple of months, its awesome, I love it! Especially because it requires so little effort, and materials! 

Another look I adore is this black/gold smokey eye look. It's less harsh than an all black smokey eye and would look amazing on any eye colour.

Pair this look with one of those 'half up' hairdos and you've got yourself one very  sexy evening look.

Sticking with some gorgeous looks for your eyes here's a beautiful gold/copper shadow, with a thick jet black line over the top lashes. 
With this look, you can tone it down for a daytime look by using a matte, copper/gold colour instead of the intense metallic one. 

My personal favourites for these colours are:

As with any statement eye look, I find it's always better to go for a nude lip colour. This gives one focus point on your face, and is much more of a statement than two, which can look messy. Be careful though, that you don't just plaster your lips with your foundation, giving you a 'no face' look. It's better to find a good quality lipstick in a peachy shade close to your natural skin colour and a very light lip gloss to go over it. 

 Here are my favourites:

All of these are beautiful but there's always something else you can add to it to make it even more fabulous.
I'm talking  hair. Whether it's BIG hair you're looking for or something simple and classy, you'll always find something to suit you.

Here's the 'half up' 'do I mentioned in the second paragraph:
All that's required is a little patience and time! (and a tutorial if you really want it, found here!)

Monday, 15 October 2012

Hallowe'en Hairstyles to Make You go Wild!


Hallowe'en isn't all about make-up and nails, it's also about a girl's other major asset - her hair.

Neon hair extensions are a must for going all out with your look. 
You can go crazy with your hair, using every possible product and accessory to make it purrfect. Whether you're going for the big-haired Lady Gaga look or just for added oompf.
There are all sorts of things you can add to your hair at hallowe'en, but one of the ones that can make or break your outfit is a wig! It may sound odd, but wigs can be amazing! (and amazingly cheap!), whether you wear them for the wow-factor, or just to adjust the look.                                   
If you're thinking of going in a different direction to dead cheerleaders or zombies, you can find a good tutorial on how to style your hair like Snooki, from Jersey Shore here, and a killer tutorial on how to dress just like her here!

Thanks for reading, leave your thoughts in the comments section below!
Ta-ta for now!



Hey little kitties! 

As I'm updating the blog all the time I thought I'd add a Review Section where you can suggest stuff for me to review and where I can review things that I've come across in the real world. To start off if you are going to suggest things just be aware that I'm not residing in the USA, so somethings we might not have in Ireland, but I will try my best to find something as close as possible to it! As time goes on we can get more and more creative and versatile.

Leave suggestions in the comments section below.

Can't wait to hear from you guys!

Ta-ta for now.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

October tricks and treats!

Nails and Make-up...

Adorable little spider web nails. Very simple, but still very cute and hallowe'eny! 

Here is a little step-by-step pic of some skull nails that only require 2 colours! 

Another easy nail look! This can also be done with a glow in the dark nail polish over the white base coat for an extra spooky effect!

Glow in the dark nail polish is available from eBay, and from Claire's.

But enough of the nails, if you're looking for a more subtle, sexy but still spoookey make-up look for hallowe'en look no further! 

I love this look personally. It's so easy and basic, but the little diamantes add a touch of class to the whole look. 
It also gives the option to glam it up even more if you want, by adding some dark purple, or red eyeshadow. 

If you really want something freakish, here's the perfect thing for you! It still has the element of simplicity but it also has pizazz!

Maybe some of these have given you an idea for hallowe'en, or maybe they've been inspiration for your own spooky nail design! Whatever the case I'd love to hear from anyone who's tried them, or has found even more cute hallowe'en looks, in the comment section!

Thanks for coming and I hope to see you for the next instalment!

Ta-ta for now! 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Hello my little kitties

Well hello there, glad you could make it! 

Welcome to The Pretentious Kitten, a place where you and I can allow our thoughts to run free! By that I mean, I'll be posting bits and bobs from around the web - predominatnly a fashion thing, with quirkies and cuties from all over the place. I won't be going mad and I'll try to post prices of all the goodies and where they are available as well. 

My goal is to give you somewhere you can find little gems that are made for you and me.

We'll take things one step at a time and hopefully it'll bring us somewhere fabulous. Don't expect too much at the beginning ;) We will have to see how we go and depending on views, etc., I'll be able to up the anty a bit.

Updates will take place as often as possible! 
I hope you  come back soon (: 

Ta-ta for now.