Monday, 26 November 2012

Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Quattro & Eyebase Review

Hey kittens! 

As promised, here's my review on the 'Cherry Blossom Girl Quattro' by Essence as well as their Colour Arts Eye-base that I bought the other day while browsing the essence make-up counter. 

I think starting off with the eye primer is appropriate, so let's begin!

It has a good consistency, a little thinner than I expected, but that didn't make a whole pile of difference. 

It did exactly what it said on the tin too, making the eyelid quite tacky so the eyeshadow adhered to it well. The only thing that let it down, (which may be my own fault, but no matter), was the fact that it dried up a bit too fast for my liking. 

I like to prime both eyes before putting on my eyeshadow, because I try to do them together to give the most even results possible, and I found that when I went back to my other eye after sorting out my colours, etc., the shadow didn't stick as well as I've found with other brands in the past. 

To counteract the problem I re-applied the primer and it was fine. 

Just a small thing, but I found that it allowed for more fall-out than usual, making my face rather glittery! 

All in all, I thought it was good for the money, but took a minute of figuring out the correct amount to apply for a good result. 

The second item I got was the 'Cherry Blossom Girl Quattro', also by Essence. 

I chose this palette because I've gotten very into experimenting with peaches/oranges/coppers lately. 

The reason being that I recently downloaded a copy of the colour wheel onto my laptop and am trying out all the different colours that are said to suit blue/grey eyes. (Also, the orange/copper colours are lovely and warm and autumnal!)

I started off with the lightest peach colour as a base and went over the whole lid and slightly into the crease with it with a flat brush to get the coverage. 

I used a slightly damp brush to do the base colour, as I find this helps them stay and also be a bit more vibrant. It went on very smoothly and had a nice white shimmer to it. 

I went on to use the more orange/coral colour on the outer half of my eye (as in, from the outside to about where my pupil is). It showed up well against the lighter peach and blended well too. 

The third colour I used was the mocha coloured shadow, I used this in the crease and on the outer corner to add some structure to the eye. It needed a little bit of going over but overall it gave the desired effect.

The last colour was a hazy kind of grey colour that I used on the inside corner of my eye and just on the brow bone. I found it too shimmery for directly under the brow itself. I prefer matte cream/off-whites for that area.

Overall I found the colours complimented each other well. The hazy grey colour could have done with being a bit more matte, but maybe that's just me! 

They made my eyes pop and suited my skin tone also. Very nice for spring or autumn/early winter. 

Thanks for reading and come back soon for more reviews, style updates, DIYs and more!!

Ta-ta for now kitties!


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