Tuesday, 23 October 2012

And now for something a little different..

Time now to stray away from Hallowe'en and go back to reality - some charming little pieces from the internet! 

I give you the "double liner".
I've seen so many people sporting this look in the last couple of months, its awesome, I love it! Especially because it requires so little effort, and materials! 

Another look I adore is this black/gold smokey eye look. It's less harsh than an all black smokey eye and would look amazing on any eye colour.

Pair this look with one of those 'half up' hairdos and you've got yourself one very  sexy evening look.

Sticking with some gorgeous looks for your eyes here's a beautiful gold/copper shadow, with a thick jet black line over the top lashes. 
With this look, you can tone it down for a daytime look by using a matte, copper/gold colour instead of the intense metallic one. 

My personal favourites for these colours are:

As with any statement eye look, I find it's always better to go for a nude lip colour. This gives one focus point on your face, and is much more of a statement than two, which can look messy. Be careful though, that you don't just plaster your lips with your foundation, giving you a 'no face' look. It's better to find a good quality lipstick in a peachy shade close to your natural skin colour and a very light lip gloss to go over it. 

 Here are my favourites:

All of these are beautiful but there's always something else you can add to it to make it even more fabulous.
I'm talking  hair. Whether it's BIG hair you're looking for or something simple and classy, you'll always find something to suit you.

Here's the 'half up' 'do I mentioned in the second paragraph:
All that's required is a little patience and time! (and a tutorial if you really want it, found here!)

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