Friday, 26 April 2013

Weekend Essentials - Back to Basics!

Hey everybody! How are all of you lovely people?? 

I thought I'd share with you today my "weekend away essentials". These are what I would consider the must haves for a weekend away or even for a holiday. I think these items (give or take one or two) would also suffice as a beginners essentials. So lets get into it! 

My first item is an ingenious one, and it comes from The Collection (formerly collection 2000). 
It's their Cover & Go Foundation and Concealer Duo. It's a lovely medium coverage foundation, available in three shades, and it comes with a little compartment in the lid that has concealer and a small mirror in it. This is great because I think its better to have as many multitasking products as possible! 

My next item is a mascara. I've gone with NYC Big Curl. But of course you can choose whatever one you like! This mascara has a huge want to give maximum volume - and very affordable. 

You could leave it at that if you wanted to be super minimalistic, but I've chosen a couple other optional must haves. 

I always use a setting powder for my foundation, I find it prevents it from rubbing off on clothes etc., and also gives my skin a smooth appearance. At home I use Essence Fix & Matte Loose Setting Powder, but loose powders can be extremely messy so aren't ideal for travelling with. I chose a pressed powder from The Natural Collection. These are the least messy and I really like the formulation of the Natural Collection's powders. 

Another optional that i've chosen is liquid eyeliner - classic cat eye never fails! You could also go for a kohl or pen eyeliner. I don't favour gel or cream liners for travel as they can be a bit fiddly with brushes and that. 

Finally something that I personally love to have with me is a lipstick. Generally a muted, your-lips-but-better shade does the job for me. If you're not a lippy person something that I always have x10 of in my handbag is a tinted lipbalm, perfect for a hint of colour!  

One other thing that is probably only relevant if you want to bring powder is a brush of powder puff. I have one from primark which is perfect size for traveling - and it's amazing for the price! Seriously love it, especially as its pink!

That's it for my weekend away essentials!Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments if you have anything you would add to the list. What is your number one item that you cannot live without no matter where you go? 

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Ta-ta for now! xo

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