Sunday, 15 March 2015

I'm back!

Hey! It's been too long!

I thought I'd start back simple and just give a small overview of my skincare routine at the moment, the products I'm using morning, night time and in between!

Apologies for the hiatus too guys! It's definitely been a while, but hopefully with the different aspects of my life evening out I'll be able to put my heart back into something that I am passionate about    

But now - back to bidness...

I have a fairly simple morning routine..

I start the day with my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water on a cotton disc, to get rid of any oil/residue on my skin before applying my mosturiser and makeup of the day.

I've also started using the Clean & Clear rapid Action Pads all over my face as I have noticed break-outs on my chin area are reappearing recently, and so I'm trying to keep them at bay with this Salicylic Acid based treatment.  

In the evening then, I use the Garnier Two Phase Eye Makeup Remover to remove any waterproof makeup (It's amazeballs!)and my Micellar water again to remove the rest of my makeup. Following this I use the Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser, which leaves a lovely fresh tingly, minty feeling on the skin. I smooth it on after splashing my face with water, and leave it for 2/3 minutes. I have combination/dry skin so I use this to help keep my skin clear on a day to day basis - I'll get into my deep treatments in a moment. 
I usually rinse this off using a facecloth and some warm water to exfoliate as I rinse it off.

If I'm having a bad skin day/week/lifetime I usually load up on Sudocrem as a night treatment, before I do that though, recently I bought the Lush Cosmetic Warrior mask and found it does wonders at calming down big breakouts. Among other awesome ingredients, it also contains Tea Tree Oil and Garlic! It may not sound so hot (or look so hot...) but it really does work wonders. It goes on very smoothly and sets very slightly from the Kaolin (clay) in it. I prefer this to clay heavy masks as I don't find the tightness from the dry clay very comfortable. An added bonus from storing it in the fridge is that it's lovely and cooling on the skin!

Following these I mosturise with the L'Oreal Miracle Perfection Correcting Day Mosturiser. I haven't seen a drastic improvement over the last 2 - 3 months I've been using this, but I do find that it keeps my skin from being too dehydrated. It has a lovely smooth texture that feels slightly gelatinous, and a luxurious scent to it too. It feels slightly tacky on the skin at first but after a few moments it sinks in. 

I follow these steps as much as I can day to day, but if I'm up late and am too tired to wash my face thoroughly I use Johnsons Makeup be Gone Pampering Wipes to remove my makeup and follow with the Clean & Clear pads and L'Oreal moisturiser.

This has been my basic skin care routine for the past month and at the moment I'm quite happy with it. I am nearing the end of my moisturiser, so might look into something different, but other than that I find that, while it's not perfect, my skin is the best it's been for quite a while.

That's all for the moment!
I know it's been a (very) long while since my last post, but I do hope to pop in and out occasionally to rave/rant about new products that I'm encountering (ahem, which is a considerable amount currently!!)

Let me know what your Holy Grail Skin Care product is and why!

Talk to you all soon! xo

*As you know these products work for me, but that does not necessarily mean they will work for everyone, I'm merely trying to give the world my opinions and ideas on certain aspects of them.

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