About Me

About me ...

Well, I'm a student in southern Ireland. I've always been interested in aesthetics and am very conscious of my appearance and the appearance of others. I've been curious about make up and fashion since a young age. 

I've been hoping to change career path from hospitality to beauty for a while now, and hopefully in a few months that'll be happening! I'm hoping to get a job in the make-up/beauty industry for the summer so as to gain experience. I know that can only add to my blogging ideas and experiences!

It's only since I saw that one of my old friends from school had a blog and even co-owned a vintage store in Galway, that I was motivated to do what I have wanted to do for a long time - blog about fashion and beauty. 

I love art and from that I have a good eye for colors, and have always loved experimenting with different colored eyeshadows or eyeliner. I'm also a very crafty person therefore, I love making my own things such as soaps, lotions or lip balms. 

All of these things have made me want to show other people what they can do and show them what I've learned myself.  

I love coming up with new ideas for blog posts and sharing the things I see around me everyday with everyone here. 

Everyday I think of something new to do and where to go from there.

Let's hope I don't run out of ideas! So until then, keep visiting and spreading the word!

Sophie xo 

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