Monday, 7 January 2013

Apologies and Updates

Hey everybody!

I feel awful I haven't stayed true to my promise of a post but fear not, I will be back soon. It's been busier than expected and all other things going on.

But let's move on!

So, Christmas was awesome, and I have a big haul of new make up to review as well as some nail art stuff too which is super exciting!

I've also been playing on a website called Stardoll, it's pretty cool! You get to make an avatar and interact in every way possible! You earn 'Starcoins' and 'Stardollars' and you can buy makeup, hair styff, clothes jewellery and all other things. It's addictive! Especially if you wanna dress up celebrities and other avatars.

So, look forward to a big post including a review of a gosh 22 palette, technic, chit chat, body collection and more!

Come back soon!

Ta-ta for now!

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