Sunday, 10 March 2013

My first NAKED Palette!

Ah! So I got the Urban Decay Naked Palette (the first one), and today was my first day trying it. It came with the Urban Decay Primer Potion, which I haven't tried before, but so far (it's 11:20pm now), it's stayed on all day with no creasing or anything! 

I've seen so much about this palette everywhere online and I've been looking for a neutral palette for a while now, so I thought why not. 


photo 1.JPG
Packaging, Appearance
The packaging is very simple but very nicely presented. The palette itself has a purple tray that it and the primer sit in. I have mine still in the tray for now, mainly so I can keep the primer with it. Very nice velvety finish to the tray and the palette.  

 It also comes with an eyeshadow brush, which is very nice. I think it's a bit too dense for my liking, as when I try to blend colours, especially towards the inside, it kind of flicks eyeshadow onto me nose. Very good for patting on the colour though.


photo 2.JPG
Naked Palette Colour Range
I love the colours on this palette (12 in total), all pretty neutral, but ranging from matte, to shimmery, to glittery. It's also very versatile, I use the lightest shade (Virgin) as a highlight for my cheeks. Also I've found that the darker matte brown (Buck) matches my brows perfectly! 

So far I'm very pleased with the colour range. They have excellent staying power especially when used with the primer, and are very vibrant. 

I found that there could be more matte colours, but I have the GOSH 22 Palette and that has me covered for neutral mattes. 
2013-03-10 14.47.03.jpg

When swatching some colours I found that some were softer (in texture), than others. I also dicovered that the light matte brown (Naked) had to be built up a bit before I got the desired colour, this was with primer. 

Primer Potion

Yup, it pretty much does what it says on the tin. I prime my eyes at the same time, but do them one by one, and I found I had to smooth it out once I came to the second eye. No biggy though, I don't mind too much, just something to bare in mind.  It has a beautiful smooth consistency, much like a facial primer. It definitely kept my eyeshadow on all day, without creasing, or fading.

Overall Opinion?

Overall first impressions are good. Good range of colours, nice packaging, excellent staying power. Range of matte colours could be better (there are only 2!).  Beautiful finish on eyes. Good pigmentation. 

Out of 10....


Thanks for reading! I hope you come back soon. 
Watch out for a review on Benefit's "How to look your best at everything" kit, and their b.right facial cleansing kit. 

I also hope to have a guest post from my friend Shauna, doing a review of some MAC products.
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(PS, sorry the pics aren't great, my camera has no charger atm, but I should be fixing that soon!)

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