Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My wishlist: April!

Hey! So I thought I'd get started on my wishlist posts. You may have seen me mention it in the features post I put up a few days ago. I'm aiming to one every month for the following month (if that makes sense?) So in March (now) I'll do my wish list for April and so on. 

Many of the items are dupes for high end/expensive ones that I would love, but alas! I will put the original item in brackets. ALSO there are a lot of e.l.f products in my list so sorry in advance! 

Lets begin!

From E.L.F (eyeslipsface.co.uk) - 

Studio Blush in Gotta Glow & Candid Coral (Nars Albatross & Orgasm) - I'll be honest, I really want them for their dupe-ness! Although I love the colour of both. Gotta Glow is a highlight powder and has a beautiful shimmer to it. I've seen loads of bloggers go on about it so yeah, I wanna jump on the bandwagon!

Studio Baked Blush - The colours are so beautiful in these. The one on my wishlist in particular (pinktastic) is a gorgeous deep rosey colour with a pink vein going through it. And they're said to last quite a while too - bonus!

Créme Broze/Blush Duo - I haven't used any creme blushes or bronzers yet (I have a Stila one waiting for me at home!), but they're supposed to be really good for blending into foundation and apply super smoothly. I love that these are so cheap so they're the perfect tester too!

Radiance Enhancer Pen - Basically like the Yves saint Laurent Touche Eclat pen, but super cheap! I love pen applicators. I think they're super easy and practical to use. I'm very into my highlight/bronzing lately (have you noticed??) so of course this would be on my wishlist!

Concealer Palette in Dark - Again, pretty much the same reason I want the Creme duo, to use as a creme bronzer. This option of using the concealer palette as a creme bronzer actually came from the elfcosmeticsUK youtube channel and I think it's a brilliant idea! Especially seeing as there are multiple shades in the palette so you can mix and match to create the perfect shade for your needs.

Essentials Lipstick in Classy (MAC Angel) - I love this really muted colour, it's so natural. At the moment I have the Lip Liner in Natural Blush which matches my lips perfectly, so why not go the full monty! Especially seeing as my go-to look for lips is the "your lips but better" look.

Studio Powder Brush - Again, I just really wanna see what all the fuss is about and if it's worth the hype surrounding this brush. I'm currently using the Real Techniques Buffing brush and it's just a bit small for my liking so this decent sized brush would be perfect!

Studio Angled Foundation Brush - As I mentioned earlier I'm a contour whore at the moment, so what better instrument to fuel my addiction with other than this! Perfect for the creme bronzers/highlighters/blushes.

And all the rest!

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout (MAC St. Germain) So as well as my contour obsession I also have now started to experiment with pink lipsticks! I love St Germain by MAC and I also love that this Revlon lippy is almost an exact dupe for it. Can't wait to go to boots now..!

Benefit Watt's Up - I think the big appeal to me is the idea of this, I love the packaging and everything. It's a more subtle highlight that gives a dewy finish to the skin.

Benefit Cabana Glama Kit - I love the benefit kits! I got the 'How to look your best at everything' kit and it's really good. I like that this is something you could bring on holiday too.

Benefit Hoola - This is the perfect contouring bronzer. Especially seeing as it's not shimmery so it can easily be worn on a regular day.

Bourjois Delice de Soleil - This is a lighter bronzer that can be used to contour or just to give a sunkissed look to the skin. It's also matte so can be used day to day.

Benefit Coralista Blush - I love love love the colours! Pinky purply rougey colours! I swatched this in a shop and fell in love with it. Sadly the price tag didn't get as much lovin' - oops!

Make up Academy Undressed Palette (Urban decay naked 2) - Yup, it's true, this is nearly a perfect dupe for the Naked 2 palette. I have naked 1 but how could I resist naked 2?? The price is a pretty strong deterrent for me - but now I don't have to resist! MUA's dupe is a must for anyone who wants Naked 2 but doesn't want to dish out so much money.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk - Basically a holy grail eyeshadow base for a lot of bloggers. I've swatched it in Moccha and decided I needed the white one. It's so creamy and lovely!

And finally...
NYX Lip Pencil in Dolly Pink (MAC Candy Yum Yum) - This colour is  beautiful! It's the perfect, well, 'dolly' pink. I believe you can get a NYX lipstick in this colour too, but I think lip pencils/liners are so much more versatile as you can add a layer of a sublter lipstick on top to take the edge off if needed.

So that's my April wishlist done!
Have you tried any of the items on my list? What did you think of them?
Have you got any dupes of high end products you want to share? If so let me know in the comments below!

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Ta-ta for now xo


  1. I like the look of the Elf blush in Candid Coral. And I love Delice de Soleil - I have it in every form from the tube to the chocolatey bar.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Hey ReNu! I'm dying to get my hands on ALL the ELF blushes, I have tickled pink (I think) at the moment, but I make a sneaky order when they had their sale and ordered one of their baked blushes. I can't wait for it to arrive!
      Does Delice de Soleil come in a liquid form too??

  2. If you're wanting Coralista, I suggest more than ANYTHING, forking up the money for Bella Bamba as well. You won't regret it, I promise! The pigmentation is like no other in these two.
    I suggest everything from e.l.f.'s studio line. EVERYTHING! I've had a lot of bad expiriences with most of the essential line, so I don't suggest much from it. From the mineral line, their lipsticks and eyeshadows are amazing! I have a very sick obsession with e.l.f.


    1. I swatched bella bamba at the benefit counter in town and I actually wan't too keen. Coralista is just amazing though, I agree.
      I know what you mean about ELF! I'm the same. Their essential lipsticks aren't supposed to be too shabby. I have an order on it's way with the lipstick I mentioned in my post above. I'll do a haul post when it's there with swatches too.


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