Thursday, 14 March 2013

Update: Favourites, Wishlists & more!

What up everybody?!

Just a quick update on some plans for features I want to implament...

I've been spending more & more time (too much in some cases!) looking at youtube videos and other beauty blogs trying to pick up tips and ideas on weekly posts or something similar.

I have decided that I'm going to start doing a bi-monthly faves post and also a wish list post every couple of weeks. This will have all the items I really want to get my hands on and why I want to get my hands on them.

I'm also going to post a list of my make-up essentials, or things that I think everyone should at least try!

I was also going to have a "beauty on a budget" feature, replicating a look with cheaper alternatives. I may also include this into a make-up essentials post, or do one higher end, one affordable.

Aaaalso, I've been sorting out my make-up into what I use, and what I don't, soooo there is a chance of a Blog Sale coming up in the near future!

As I said before my camera is out of action at the moment so I'm not able to take very high quality pictures, but I will do my best to try and have as many as possible!!

On a final note, you may have noticed my Approved Blogger badge in the sidebar, I got it from E-Tail PR, who help promote fashion & beauty blogger. Aanyway, they have all sorts of competitions and opportunities for bloggers to show their talent and flair, and I now have the opportunity to do a guest post on their blog! I will be doing a recipe post soon enough, and then I suppose we'll see what becomes of it! I can't wait to do it, I'm really excited!

I will be doing another e.l.f review when my next order arrives also. I got some of the items I put in the wishlist in the side bar. This is also part of the reason I am going to be doing an actual Wishlist post, as this will make it easier to update. I have some other stuff on my way from america but I'll let you know all about that in another post.

As always go find me on pinterest, instagram, and twitter for updates and new looks.
If you have any other suggestions for features I should have on my blog let me know in the comments below!!

Ta-ta for now! xo


  1. You should totally start doing this...:)

    1. Awh, thanks for the comment! ;)
      I'm actually jotting down a list of my faves and wishlist at the moment so that I can start that tonight or tomorrow. I also have a bunch of reviews to do!

      Thanks again! xo


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