Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Update: BB Creams and TK Maxx!

Hey everyone!

Just a short post to say I love TK Maxx - here's why...

So I was in there browsing for summer clothes for Spain and as always I wandered over to the makeup/hair/general beauty section (there's some sort of magnetic attraction, I'm telling you!) and there in the midst of old lady soap and anti wrinkle creams were two little eyeshadow pots. One was a duo with a rose-gold shade and a glittery shimmery beige colour. The other was black with green shimmers going through them. Both from the company Too Faced. I checked the price on them and I actually had butterflies in my tummy - original price €21,00 & €20,50. Tk Maxx price..... €5,99!!

Of course I bought one! I went for the pink/beige duo (Bon Bon), I didn't get the black/green one (Galaxy) as I don't think I would have really used it that much and would have probably have been put into my swap box. But there you go! That's the second time I've found some real gems in TK Maxx. (A few weeks ago I picked up two Harajuku Lovers Perfumes for 24€ for both.)

Aaand now BB creams! I've been really into them recently - so has everyone it seems!? And as such have been researching them heavily. You may have seen my review of the L'Oreal BB cream which I was fairly pleased with. After using it a few more times I found the "smart pigment capsules" didn't dissolve (?) properly leaving me looking a bit pastey. After that I gave up and it's now in my swap box.
Recently though, since watching some of Shaaanxo's videos and seeing that she uses a korean BB cream by Lioele I started looking up the different asian bb creams which are truer than the american/uk BB creams as they are the originals.

I then found someone from New Zealand who said she could post me some samples of Lioele BB creams (yay!). I got them recently and have fallen in love! They're super smooth and have good coverage, but are still light. I use them as a base for my foundation which saves me from using so much to get good coverage.
Anyway, they were only samples so obviously I've been looking all over the internet to find somewhere I can get them from. When lo and behold I find someone looking to sell hers for ~8€ (12$)!!

I can't wait to get it and of course after I've been using it for a while I'll have a review up for you all!

What gems have you discovered in TK Maxx or a similar shop? 
Have you found you're holy grail product recently? Are you still looking? Let me know in the comments!

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Ta-ta for now! xo 

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